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I'm really doing it, I'm signing up for Yuletide this year! This is a post about that.

So, dear author:

First of all, thank you for writing for me! I'm so excited to read your story.

Second of all, I'm sorry I'm so mysterious. It's my first Yuletide, although I've been reading Yuletide fic for aaaaages, and this journal is access-locked, which doesn't matter much anyway since it's mostly me nattering on about my life and only occasionally talking about fandom at all. I've gone back and unlocked some of my old recs posts, though. I'm a little more visible over at the AO3, where most of what I've posted is podfic. The stories I choose to record are a fairly good indication of what I like, though they're not the only kinds of things I like. (I tend not to record stories with lots of different character voices, just because I'm not very confident doing those yet, not because I don't like those stories. Et cetera.)

I like thinking about characters. I like reading stories about women, particularly women who move competently through the world and have interesting perceptions of it. I like reading about solitude, and I also like reading about friendship and love and collaboration and the meeting of different kinds of minds. I'm a sucker for atmospheric world-building, fairy tales and their retellings, distinctive character voices, history and characters thinking about history, people trying hard to be and do good, people chafing against deeply ingrained ideas of propriety, northern landscapes, tea, and Victorians in general. That all sounds fairly serious but I also like to laugh! Some of these fandoms are pretty silly (and all of them are at least a little silly) and I'd be very happy to see a story that you had fun writing.

I don't have any triggers. I generally prefer not to read about people getting raped and murdered, which I don't anticipate being an issue with this set of requests. I'm much more interested in fandom as a place to play around with story than in fandom as a space for porn. I don't think I've provided a particularly sexy set of prompts, but you should write the story that you're moved to write! Just please make sure that any sex scenes earn their place in the story as much as the rest of the scenes do.

I'm giving you all this information in the hope that it will help, but of course, of course, don't feel like you *have* to do anything. And thank you again for writing for me! I'm so excited to be getting a story in one of these fandoms. I'm so grateful to you for whatever you are moved to write.

Oh, and I'll be celebrating Christmas Day with my family, so I might not be very quick to read the story when it is posted. I'll be very eager to see it, though!

Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede
Characters: Any

I think my ideal Enchanted Forest story is "someone freaks out, and one or more main characters talk them down and solve their problem." What I love most about this universe is how sensible and polite the main characters are, how good they are at dealing with absurd fairy-tale setbacks, and how much they care for one another. If it weren't for the wizards being high-strung weirdos all the time, it seems like everyone would live such eminently practical lives you'd barely need kings and queens at all. I also love the Enchanted Forest itself a whole lot. The idea of the forest being woven through with strands of magic made a HUGE impression on me when I was a little kid, and I'd love to see even a little bit of that, and Mendenbar's connection to it. I can also happily read about how emerald-green the moss is and how big around the trees are for a rather long time.

I love everybody in this universe too much to request someone in particular. Morwen is a particular favorite and role model, and I'd love to see a little bit of her life with Telemain, where they're free to speak as technically as they want all the time without anyone shushing them. Or you could write a story about King Kazul (dragon politics?) or Cimorene and Mendenbar being clever and just (who needs democracy when monarchy turns up rulers this excellent?). Really, there's nobody who absolutely has to show up in this story, and nobody I'd be disappointed to read about.

I'm afraid this prompt might be too vague, but I just couldn't decide! I suppose I could add that I'm rather attached to Cimorene/Mendenbar and Morwen/Telemain, though, say, if you want to write about Morwen and Telemain being friends long before they ever thought of getting married, or either of them doing something without the other, then I certainly wouldn't mind that either. I think people are sometimes sensitive about fandoms from their childhood, but that's not the case here; I feel like these characters can stand up to more or less whatever you throw at them. Just give someone something to be competent at and I'll be happy as a clam.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena
Characters: Arisugawa Juri, Kiryuu Nanami

It seems to me that while everyone else in the show is navigating princesshood and godhead and myth, Juri and Nanami are being girls and women in painfully real ways. They both have enormous love for someone who is terribly cruel to them, and they both have to decide what to do with that situation. And in different manners, they both teeter in fascinating ways between romantic faith and cynicism about everyone around them. I'd love to get a read on these two and their perspective on the situation at Ohtori--maybe we could learn a little bit of how they see or relate to Anthy? It's up to you whether they interact directly very much or not.

I just watched Utena for the first time this summer and fall. It was the first anime I had ever seen. I had zero context for the conventions of the form (and probably no appreciation for how they were being played with). But I was sucked farther and farther into it and of course now I can't get it out of my head. Some features of it that stuck out: The way the coy symbolism seemed to be talking about purity and corruption and gradually grew into obviously, literally talking about sex and coercion and sexual manipulation. How the shadow play girls hung around commentating on things by telling them slant. How the music ramped up in intensity as the show neared its climax--the first time the commercial-break music changed from the chirpy pop-classical riff to the relentless piano jazz that played when Utena was falling for Akio, I literally gasped. How all the relationships were built, bit by careful bit, over the whole course of the show. How the surrealism left the viewer so much room to think and interpret and wander through possibilities.

I wanted to relate to Juri, with her cool head and her confidence, but I was rather baffled by her love for Shiori, who was terrible to her. I didn't anticipate relating to Nanami at all, and I found her pretty obnoxious early on, but somehow she grew to become the voice of reason by the end of the show. I was especially taken by how, despite her overpowering love for her brother, she refused to let him manipulate her when she learned they were adopted. She saw temptation there but stood firm--and how achingly difficult it was for her to do that! I'm going to be haunted forever by the scene where Touga says he's going to take a shower, "care to join me?" and then the silence just streeeeeeetches out until the frog croaks and he says "only joking." And the egg episode! The egg episode justified and made deeper all the rest of the weird, surreal Nanami stuff.

I haven't spent much time in the fandom at all, and I only finished watching the show a couple months ago, so I'm really just throwing these thoughts out into the Yuletide universe and seeing if anything sticks. Also, I said I don't like reading about rape, but either of these characters might believably get into situations where good consent is NOT being practiced. No character from Utena gets off easy, and I don't expect you to gloss over any of the painful parts of the canon.

The Lesson - Billy Collins (poem)
Characters: Any

I like Billy Collins in general but I just read this poem for the first time when I found it in the tagset. I just find it charming, and it seems to open up a whole universe of possibilities. What is it like wearing History's coat or riding in its pockets? What is History himself like? "Lost in the deep snow" is to me a very evocative way to describe something from the past being forgotten, and I'd love to read about what happened if something did fall out of the coat pockets when the narrator was wearing the coat--a question you could take as literally or as figuratively as you like.

This one is just so full of possibilities! Literally all of history is there for you to play with (or even lost or imaginary history--something that fell out of the coat pockets?). I love history, perhaps the obscure random stuff most of all. If you were in the mood to write a holiday-ish story for Yuletide, this fandom offers that possibility too, what with all that snow lying about. Or if we matched on a different fandom and now you don't know what to write, this is a poem you can read in two minutes. Really, feel free to go nuts with this one.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
Character: Agatha (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

I love this movie and saw it twice in theaters. This post, which I did not write, echoes my feelings about it very nicely: (Personally I was already a Wes Anderson fan before I saw it, but that's neither here nor there.) I have a lot of indulgence in my heart for Anderson's fussy, mannered compositions, and I crave pastry every time I think about this movie for too long, and I wish I could go wandering through the Grand Budapest itself. That said, I dearly miss the presence of female characters through much of the movie, and I'm frustrated with how Agatha was dealt with. If you wanted to fix her ending that would be more than fine by me. If you want to fill in some of her life before she got together with Zero, or during that relationship, that would also be dandy. I love her sweet courage and I want good things for her.

I should perhaps add that Monsieur Gustave and Zero are also great. I love both their attachment to a past world, and the fact that Zero so clearly knows it is past. I give him a lot of credit for that sharp-eyedness, and for how bluntly and unapologetically he presents his personal past to Monsieur Gustave, in the scene where he tells him "I left because of the war." I think they're both dreaming after a past world they never possessed. Anything you want to do with either of them is welcome. And it could be fun to deal with the alternate version of Europe that the film presents! I just wanted to make sure that any story written for me in this fandom has Agatha in it.
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