Oct. 3rd, 2016

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Hey there author, and thank you for writing in one of these micro-fandoms! Each one has all of TWO fics on AO3 so far. That's criminally little in my opinion, and it means that no matter what you do, I'm gonna be thrilled that someone wrote it.

I don't have any triggers. I'd prefer not to read about rape and murder, though. This year in particular, fandom is kind of my frivolous happy place when the world is making me sad. As you can probably tell from the fandoms I requested, I think it's fun to to play with structure and ideas. I get a kick out of fiction with ideas in it, and fiction that pretends to have ideas in it, and fiction that isn't really set up as fiction, though I also take a lot of pleasure in straightforward storytelling, character studies, adventures, and shenanigans. I'm mostly interested in gen, although if you manage to see some shippy potential in any of these prompts you can certainly have at it.

Oh, also, I celebrate Christmas and can't predict my availability when stories are revealed, but I will definitely be excited to read your story!

Here are my requests--this is the same stuff as I included in my signup.

Godel Escher Bach )

Anathem )

The Areas of My Expertise/Compendium of World Knowledge - John Hodgman )


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