Oct. 20th, 2015

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Hey there, Yuletide writer! I'm super excited to be getting a story from you. This is my second year doing Yuletide, and honestly nothing much about my tastes has changed since I wrote last year's letter, which in retrospect looks a little like overkill. I like character development, history, nature, the history of science (very fond of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century hobbyist natural historians collecting shells and cocoons), fairy tales and their retellings, unfashionable Victorian writers like Dickens, and stories about women (this may not be obvious from my character requests this time around, but it's true!). I read literary fiction and genre fiction and poetry and a lot of essays. This year I read a lot of books about the ocean. Sometimes I get mad at Napoleon. I don't have any triggers. I'm not into fiction that is dark for the sake of darkness, but I like and respect stories where actions have consequences (this is part of why I like Rev. so much). And I'll be celebrating on Christmas Day, so I might not read and comment super promptly, but rest assured I'll be looking forward to your story very much.

Here are my requests! I've added some extra rambling about Mr Simonelli, and otherwise these are the same as my prompts on AO3.

Mr Simonelli or the Fairy Widower - Susanna Clarke )

Rev. )

Drunk History )

Imperial Radch )


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