Oct. 23rd, 2014

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I'm really doing it, I'm signing up for Yuletide this year! This is a post about that.

So, dear author:

First of all, thank you for writing for me! I'm so excited to read your story.

Second of all, I'm sorry I'm so mysterious. It's my first Yuletide, although I've been reading Yuletide fic for aaaaages, and this journal is access-locked, which doesn't matter much anyway since it's mostly me nattering on about my life and only occasionally talking about fandom at all. I've gone back and unlocked some of my old recs posts, though. I'm a little more visible over at the AO3, where most of what I've posted is podfic. The stories I choose to record are a fairly good indication of what I like, though they're not the only kinds of things I like. (I tend not to record stories with lots of different character voices, just because I'm not very confident doing those yet, not because I don't like those stories. Et cetera.)

I like thinking about characters. I like reading stories about women, particularly women who move competently through the world and have interesting perceptions of it. I like reading about solitude, and I also like reading about friendship and love and collaboration and the meeting of different kinds of minds. I'm a sucker for atmospheric world-building, fairy tales and their retellings, distinctive character voices, history and characters thinking about history, people trying hard to be and do good, people chafing against deeply ingrained ideas of propriety, northern landscapes, tea, and Victorians in general. That all sounds fairly serious but I also like to laugh! Some of these fandoms are pretty silly (and all of them are at least a little silly) and I'd be very happy to see a story that you had fun writing.

I don't have any triggers. I generally prefer not to read about people getting raped and murdered, which I don't anticipate being an issue with this set of requests. I'm much more interested in fandom as a place to play around with story than in fandom as a space for porn. I don't think I've provided a particularly sexy set of prompts, but you should write the story that you're moved to write! Just please make sure that any sex scenes earn their place in the story as much as the rest of the scenes do.

I'm giving you all this information in the hope that it will help, but of course, of course, don't feel like you *have* to do anything. And thank you again for writing for me! I'm so excited to be getting a story in one of these fandoms. I'm so grateful to you for whatever you are moved to write.

Oh, and I'll be celebrating Christmas Day with my family, so I might not be very quick to read the story when it is posted. I'll be very eager to see it, though!

Requests + some additional thoughts: Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Billy Collins poetry, and The Grand Budapest Hotel )


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